2024 Honorees

Terence L. Pellegrino Emerald of the Year Award

Captain Michael Connolly

West Orange Fire Department - Ret.

Sgt. William E. Connolly Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award

Sheriff's Officer Robert McCracken

Essex County Sheriff's Department

Captain James M. Mooney Firefighter of the Year Award​

Firefighter Brian Roth  Millburn Fire Department

Firefighter Michael Gilligan   South Essex Fire Department

Annual College Scholarship Recipients for 2023 
Essex County Emerald Society Scholarship – 
Robert Pidgeon Memorial Scholarship – 
Ray Farrington Memorial Scholarship – 
Emerald Society Pipe Band John McGuire Scholarship –

The Essex County Emerald Society has honored many members over the years. Listed below are the members we have honored since our Post Parade Party began at Our Lady of Lourdes. If you are an award winner from before 2006, fill out the form below so your name can be added to this list.  
                    Chief Terence L. Pellegrino    Sgt. William E. Connolly    Captain James M. Mooney    Citizen Award
                          Emerald of the Year               LEO of the Year                  Firefighter of the Year       

1995                Bob Tompson                             John McNiff                          Tom Tevlin                            N/A
2006                John Prior                                   Pete Wojtal                            John M. Doll                         N/A
2007                Joseph Brogan                            John Melody                         George A. Hesse, Jr.              N/A
2008                Donald Gilmartin                       Kelly Reilly                           John Herrmann                      N/A
2009                Kevin Tighe                               Gary Kelshaw                        Frank Dugan                          N/A
2010                Vincent Kulik                             Michael J. Mellilo                 Artie Zieser                            N/A
2011                Jack Connolly                            Jack Hood                              James Weiss                           N/A
2012                Terence Pellegrino                     Joseph Zieser                         Richard Cavanagh                  N/A
2013                Frank Halloran                           Matthew Ruane                     Bernie Cunningham               N/A
2014                Edward McNany                        Kevin Graham                       Patrick McGovern                 N/A
2015                John Rowley                               Don Allen                             John Prachar                           N/A
​2016                Richard Loehwing                      Vernon Pedersen                   Tom Malkinski                       N/A
2017                William M. Connolly                  David Reilly                         
2018                Alan B. Macey                            Daniel J. Daly                       Christopher Mullin                Sean McGovern   
2019                Michael O. McNany                    Patrick O'Neill                      James M. Boyle                    Joe Ryan
2020-Covid     Timothy B. Fox                           David Sheridan                     James Jennings                      N/A
2023                Jim Snellen                                  Dan Daly Jr.                          Bill Higgins                           N/A
2024                Michael Connolly                        Robert McCracken               Brian Roth                             N/A
------                ---------------------                         -----------------------               Michael Gilligan                    N/A